Individual & Family Planning Services

Let us help you and your family prepare and plan during uncertain times. Planning improves the continuity of financial planning, reduces stress on loved ones, and prevents legal disputes among beneficiaries. By using the full spectrum of estate planning tools available to you, you can ensure that your loved ones are well cared for, and your property is well managed and protected from “creditors and predators.” Sign up now.

Our Online Estate Planning Tools

Willpower App™ tool allows you, your loved ones, and advisors illumination into your most important wealth management issues, all of which have some connection to estate planning.

How helps you (and your family)

Prevent Chaos and a Breakdown in Financial Continuity

Get everything important organized once and for all — Wills and Trusts, Life Insurance policies, healthcare documents, pet information, digital assets, and so much more.

Leave more than “breadcrumbs” for Your Loved Ones and Advisors

Ensure the people you love the most have all the vital, practical, and heartfelt information they’ll need if something happens to you. Our Estate Delegate™ system allows you to share your essential information with your important people. They can either be granted access immediately or at your incapacitation or demise.

All The Support You Need

Creating a will is a crucial part of a successful estate plan and will help you protect your legacy and your loved ones when you are gone. Staying abreast of estate planning requires proactive, ongoing actions, but it can ease estate management burdens after your death. Our mission is to provide our members a lifetime of education, guidance, and document planning to make informed decisions.