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Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney

Although any lawyer can draw up a simple will for straightforward situations, such as naming the beneficiary of one’s 401(k), seasoned trust-and-estate lawyers can help navigate more complicated situations involving several trusts and multiple heirs. Questions for Your Potential Estate-Planning Lawyer The following questions will help you learn about estate planning and determine if a prospective estate […]

Offshore Trusts

Introduction To devise the most potent asset protection strategy, it is helpful to know precisely what you want to protect ahead of time. After a lifetime of work, you will hopefully have several different assets and properties that you want to keep safe from creditors using asset protection. Then, working with an asset protection attorney, […]

Designating Beneficiaries for Retirement Accounts

A beneficiary designation is a way to transfer an asset to an individual, organization, or multiple beneficiaries upon the owner’s passing. For financial accounts such as individual retirement accounts (IRAs), a beneficiary designation is typically a paper or electronic form provided by the account custodian, which allows the account owner to designate who will receive the asset upon their passing.

Checklist to “Fund” a Revocable Living Trust

Creating your Trust is just the first part of the Estate Planning process. After you sign your Trust document, the next step is to fund the trust. The method of funding a trust involves transferring assets to it.  Tips for  Funding a Trust  This guide is meant to serve as a helpful starting point for […]

Coping with Market Volatility

During times of economic uncertainty, financial markets are characterized by wide swings in market value. The “market volatility,” with prices sharply rising and falling, reflects investor sentiment as well as more substantive economic or political events. During stable times, financial markets will still fluctuate, although price movements tend to be more moderate. By their very […]

Business Succession Planning Checklist

Introduction Business succession planning employs various estate planning strategies to improve the chances of success for a family business when the original owners retire, pass away, or are entirely ready to transfer the family to the next generation. This business succession planning checklist can help you make sure you have prepared yourself, your family, and […]


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