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15-Minute Estate Assessment™

There are no wrong answers, and this is not a test. It is not necessary to write long answers or utilize impeccable grammar.

If you are married, each spouse should complete the 15-Minute Estate Assessment™ individually without comparing their answers. Your advisors will be interested in gaining your individual perspectives and helping you incorporate and integrate your separate ideas into one cohesive plan.

Willpower App™ 

We are not purveyors of “do-it-yourself” online drafting of your legal documents. The Willpower App™ helps you cover all the bases to take your fully-prepared comprehensive plan to your estate attorney for additional advice and implementation.

Direction Memo

The primary purpose of a letter of instructions is to enhance your estate plans by offering your important people access to information and your intentions on a variety of estate planning matters that are typically not part of your traditional documents.

A letter of instructions also serves as a non-binding written statement by the settlor designed to offer the trustees of a discretionary trust some guidance in the exercise of their discretion.

Tumbler on a Vault Door

Your e-Vault

Utilize our member dashboard to upload copies of your estate documents and provide access to your Estate Delegate™ so that this individual will have your most crucial comprehensive information if they need to act on your behalf.