Advisor Solutions Platform

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Enhance Your Clients Estate Plan by Incorporating The 5-Step Modern Estate Planning Process.™

Use to help your clients create, store, and share all of their most important information, and provide them with priceless peace of mind.

Advisor Solutions Platform Membership
$499 / Year
Complete Access to our Suite of Document Solutions, Research Tools, etc.
Client Referrals from Our Member Community
Access to ALL Advisor planning tools on our site
An opportunity for you to be featured with our Member community through virtual interviews, blogs, and other mediums.
Your clients who are Members can appoint you (or someone else) an Estate Delegate™ to have log in access if something were to happen to them.
Your own personalized 15-Minute Estate Assessment™ to send your clients and their completed responses can be emailed directly to you.
Offer your clients an interactive experience giving them a Premium+ membership to*