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Estate Attorneys

Using the most effective “fact-finder” questionnaire is the best way for an estate attorney to develop a positive relationship with new and existing clients. Imagine getting full “buy-in” from a client to complete the Willpower Premium Estate assessment before you meet with them. The client immediately recognizes the value, and the attorney has a mountain of data in one report to advise their client.

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Digital Executor and Digital Power of Attorney Documents

Trust Officers

When the trustee determines the amount the beneficiary receives from the trust through a “HEMS” standard this is often a difficult concept for a beneficiary to understand. Our supplemental planning tools can benefit the grantor, trustee, and beneficiaries for decades into the future.

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CFP’s and Other Financial Advisors

Estate planning is often divided into two planning topics: planning before death (premortem, or “traditional” estate planning) and post-mortem. CPAs, CFP’s, and other advisors are often needed in both phases of this planning. Our tools are premortem to make the post-mortem more streamlined.

Direction Memo: Letter of Instructions 2021

A letter of instructions is a written statement by the settlor designed to offer the trustees of a discretionary trust some guidance in the exercise of their discretion.

Statement of Intent of Wealth Transfer

“It’s critically important that the advisor set the agenda because, in its absence, the client will set it unconsciously—and in the wrong terms.”

Nick Murray