Our Estate Planning Tools

Willpower App™ 

The Willpower App™ fully prepares you to take your plan to your estate attorney for additional advice implementation, or you can execute your last will, and other estate documents, on your own.

This module includes the following:

Draft your will, durable power of attorney for finance, health care directives, and other estate documents.

Estate planning pre-work to gather all of your information in one place for your attorney to save time and money.

Direction Memo: Letter of Instructions

The primary purpose of this suite of documents is to enhance your estate plans by offering your important people access to information, and your intentions on a variety of estate planning matters, that are typically NOT part of your traditional documents.

A letter of instructions also serves as a written statement by the settlor designed to offer the trustees of a discretionary trust some guidance in the exercise of their discretion.

15-Minute Estate Assessment™

Each spouse should complete the 15-Minute Estate Assessment™ individually without comparing their answers if you are married. Your advisors will be interested in gaining each of your perspectives and helping you incorporate and integrate your separate ideas into one cohesive plan. There are no wrong answers, and this is not a test. It is not necessary to write long answers or utilize impeccable grammar.

Advanced Medical Directive (three Documents)

These three important documents work together by opening the lines of communication between your loved ones and your doctors, appointing a Health Care Agent to make decisions on your behalf, and making those who care for you aware of your wishes.

Tumbler on a Vault Door

Your e-Vault

Utilize our member dashboard to upload copies of your estate documents, and provide access to your Estate Delegate™ so that this individual will have your most crucial comprehensive information if they need to act on your behalf.