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Nonprofits Collaborate with Estate Planning Interactive to Promote Planned Giving to your Target Audience.

Have you ever tried to offer one of your donors a “free” will? If so, you should ask yourself whether you are part of the solution or the problem.

Although we are big fans of technology, we do not typically endorse a “do it yourself” system of estate planning. For most adult Americans, their estate plans are complex (even for those not wealthy), which requires legal considerations based on state and federal laws. Furthermore, asset titling, continuity planning, and preventing estate ligation are plenty of other reasons to support the notion that estate planning requires a board-certified estate planning attorney’s involvement.

We create tools that promote “modern” estate planning to enhance our user’s knowledge and comprehensive review of their plans. The following process is how we do it:

Our Solutions for Your Donors

Willpower Basic

Willpower Premium

Willpower Premium includes everything the Basic solution and additionally fully prepares you, and your spouse or partner, to take this plan to your estate attorney for implementation.

Direction Memo: Letter of Instructions 2021.1

A letter of instructions is a written statement by the settlor designed to offer the trustees of a discretionary trust some guidance in the exercise of their discretion.

Estate Vault-Dashboard

Advance Investment Philosophy

Statement of Intent of Wealth Transfer

Digital Executor and Digital Power of Attorney Documents

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) Request

Our Institutional membership platform allows a nonprofit to promote estate planning to their donor base using the content, and online tools, from This service allows your organization to encourage your donor base to get involved with their estate planning but to follow a modern process that involves working with their estate planning attorney in each of the 4 steps described above. Your donors also have access to our online directories to locate the right estate planning advisors in their local communities.