How Do Our Tools Help Your Firm

Use to help your clients create, store, and share all of their most important information, and provide them with priceless peace of mind.

Connect To The Next Generation

Our Estate Delegate™ system creates a natural introduction to your clients’ family, leading to multigenerational relationships and retention of assets when a client passes.

Uncover New Assets

Intuitive sections ensure your clients have a complete picture of their estate plans, allowing you to easily identify gaps and offer unique solutions.

Win New Business Through Referrals

Market to current and prospective clients, and promote your firm with unlimited invites, and personalized co-branding.

Enhance Your Clients’ Experience

Your clients have access to content and resources across various topics, which you can use to educated clients and facilitate deeper client relationships.

“Bring unparalleled value to your clients because your planning will aim at solving problems your clients can’t solve themselves. ”

How does it feel when your recognize the value you bring that sets you apart? Imagine bring the kind of value to your clients where you get that gratitude from your clients every day.

The estate planning solutions we offer have one thing in common, which requires thinking differently than the traditional ways that advisors bring value to their clients. If you are frustrated by technology (such as AI) keeping with the value of your work as a money manager, attorney, accountant? If so, you are in the right place.

Become a Member and Get Exclusive Offers!

Advisor members get access to exclusive exhibits and sales. Our memberships cost $1999.99 and are billed annually.